How To feel energetic in the morning

Every body reading this blog post wants to accomplish as much as they can in the day. We all want to do our best and can only do more if we have more hours to work and this is only possible if we get up early. Secret of good morning lies in a good night sleep. We must sleep nicely in order to wake up fresh and energetic. So, here are some of my personal favorite tips which might help you too…

Tips for good night sleep

  1. Plan your next day a night before- You must plan your another day a night before, so that your brain feel relaxed.
  2. Set a Routine- Try to set up some daily rituals before going to bed Like brushing your teeth, reading a book, saying your prayers etc. These rituals will signal your brain to go for a sleep.
  3. Avoid stimulants like tea, coffee, sugar etc before sleeping, as they increase your blood circulation and awake your brain.
  4. Do not eat heavy, spicy and junk food at night.fantasy-3134400_1920
  5. Try to do all your routines at same time every day to develop them into habits.
  6. Turn off all the electronic devices at least half an hour before you decide to fall asleep.
  7. Make your bed as much cozy to sleep as you can- choose a blanket to keep you warm enough, bedding must be comfortable and clean.
  8. Try to get enough sleep of seven to eight hours.

Tips for energetic morning

  1. Try to wake up at same time every day.
  2. Put an alarm in an alarm clock not in any other device.
  3. Do not hit snooze. keep alarm clock as far away from your bed as much as you can, so that when it rings you have toweightlifting-3102642_1920 get up to close it.
  4. Have a morning routine- Keeping morning routines are equally important as night time routines. You can develop a habit to fold you blanket as soon as you get out of bed, shower, specific healthy breakfast etc.
  5. Exercise- you must exercise with out fail. try to refresh your tissues and muscles. Pump up some oxygen.


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