Tips To Maintain Mental Peace- After Effects of Corona Pandemic ( COVID 19)

We are all going through tough times.. mentally, emotionally, financially, and physically because of this COVID 19 pandemic. No vaccine, no medication is present to cure this problem and not only the disease but its side effects are more dangerous for our lives. Below are a few of my opinions, which I used to keep my mental stability. I lost my job as a hotel manager and faced financial crunches and dealt with depression. But I followed these steps told by my mental health coach. I am gradually coming out of the shock which we all felt.

  1. Be Positive- Try to imagine positive and Feel positive. It is very hard to do, but we have to keep our spirits high. Being positive and learning to keep ourselves in a high mindset will help us to survive in long run.
  2. Exercise– Sedimentary lifestyle has given us many bad habits. Sitting idle brings us ill health and depression. Exercise helps us dealing with depression and keeps us in shape.
  3. Yoga- Yoga is an Indian form of spiritual exercise. It works on our mind, body, and soul.
  4. Meditation- Meditation helps us digging deep into our mind and soul. It calms and relaxes our anxiety and strengthen our thought process.
  5. Gratitude- In the time of disparity, gratitude is something that reminds us of the good things and blessings we already have in our lives.
  6. Accept the realityBe it COVID-19 or any other problem in our life, we have to face everything and get up again and again. We have to convince ourselves that it is a harsh reality and we have to survive it.
  7. Check on your finances- Finance amidst the Corona pandemic is critical. People lost jobs and lost savings. There is little scope of reviving finances soon. So it is really really important for us to look back at our savings and review our expenses.
  8. Do a little budgeting– By digging deep into what we have in our hands and our sources of income, we must pick up a calculator, pen, and paper and find out where to cut expenses and where to invest more. By doing this we will have a clear idea of how much money is still in our hands and how much we have to work hard to meet our needs and invest in savings.
  9. Explore other sources of income- We must explore other sources of income. We all have suffered a lot due to a crash in the economy and lockdown. We should start searching Other sources of income like any converting our hobby into a business. Try work at home, Sell on Etsy, on Amazon, or own a shop in Shopify. There are many many fields we can try. I will soon post a separate blog post on this topic.
  10. Increase your expertise- try learning new skills during lock-down. We hope everything will be fine soon and when the world will start reinventing itself you will emerge as a new you.

So these are the basic important things we have to do whenever we feel low because of COVID 19 or during any other crisis no matter what the reason is. If we do simple math and have courage we will overcome all failures in our lives.

Tips on How to Stop Wasting Time

In this fast-moving world, everybody wants to do more and more in 24 hours. We have to eat, sleep, earn and spend and live life in these 24 hours. So it becomes very important to save time and do more. To save time and not wasting it here are my personal 10 favorite tips. Hope they will help you as well.

  1. Keep a to-do list- a to-do list is a parameter where we can judge our progress. It helps us in being focused and lead our day towards a fruitful one. Making a to-do list keeps our brain on track and constantly reminds us of what we have to accomplish.
  2. Learn to prioritize- After making a to-do list, think which works are more important and needs to be done first. as the day passes by you will realize that how much work you had done and it will give a sense of achievement. The common formula for prioritizing is like-(A) The tasks which are important and urgent should be done at first. (B) The task which is urgent but not important is needed to be completed next. (C) The task which is important but not urgent is needed to be completed third. (D) The works which are neither important nor urgent can be put into the fourth category and can be done at our ease.
  3. Keep a schedule- Scheduling helps us manage our time. It helps us know when to finish what. As a working mother or any other professional, we have to do lots of tasks, so we can give our time to every chore that we want to complete. Allocate your time very carefully. Keeping in mind to capture all aspects. 
  4. Check yourself every 30 minutes-  You can say that you will have to track your time. Sometimes we get distracted especially if you are a work from home mother. So we should always check our time and work regularly and periodically. If we find a distraction, just rectify it as soon as possible.
  5.  Start Doing- Now the most important step. Just start doing your work. Just follow your schedule and tick off the tasks list in your to-do list.

The most important this is the mindset and the urge to do something. We have to just do it. the most important step is the first step. Once we started completing and marking off our tasks, it gives us immense confidence to do more.

So, please follow the above-mentioned steps. They look hard to follow in the start but after a week, it will become our habit and we will do it all by ourselves.

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10 Quotes with words of wisdom for working mothers

We all need words of wisdom at least sometimes in life. COVID 19 impact has multiplied the responsibility of a mother thousand times. A working mother has to go through lots of duties that includes duty of mother, wife, sister, daughter, what may and what not. So here are a few words of wisdoms by great souls. These words will definitely give a moral boost to all of us.

“If you feel like you are losing everything, remember that tree lose their leaves every year and still stand tall and wait for better days to come.”

“When you get tired, learn to rest not to quit.”

1 Be the energy you want to attract

“Be the women you want your daughter to be.”

“When it rains, look for rainbow, when its dark look for stars……”

“Be the energy, you want to attract.”

“In the end we regret the chances we didn’t take.”

“Nothing worth having comes easy”

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”

“Don’t compare your life to others, there is no comparison of the sun and the moon. They shine when it’s their time.”

“Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable”

You know worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair, it gives you some work but leads you nowhere so if something is wrong is happening in your life remember to believe in yourself. It is going to be ok very soon. We all are worthy of living a beautiful life.

How to Have More Productive Mornings

          Mornings are hectic for all of us no matter how different we are. our nature of work may be different. We may be SAHM, Work from home mom, homeschooling our children or payroll mom. We have to do everything and we nag about the shortage of time. So, here are a few time-tested tips that may help us to get more done.

Wake up early…..pexels-photo-437716

Oh, My God!! This is the most said and advised thing… but many of us fail to do this… but let me tell you, this is the most beneficial habit one can develop. You can read my previous post How To feel energetic in the morning to get some motivation.


  • You will get more hours to work.
  • Early morning is completely silent so they are distraction free, hence you can concentrate.
  • You are one step ahead of others.
  • Getting more done will give mental peace and motivation to do more so, it will lower the stress level.

Some of more benefits are described here Importance of Rising Early.

Think Positive…

Thinking positive will motivate and enhance your mood.


  • it will remind what you are grateful for this way it will increase your mental energy and motivate you.
  • Motivation will do wonders and it will give you the power to work hard towards our aims and success.
  • Success will attract opportunities.
  • Being positive will bring self-confidence and it will generate a problem-solving approach.
  • Practicing gratitude will remind us of the blessings of Almighty and help us to remain an optimist.

Get your next day plannings ready a night before…


  1. Creating a to-do list will allow you to choose more important tasks in mind cluttering thoughts.
  2. Lay your clothes out for tomorrow, if you have little children also, ask them to do on their own or do this of them.
  3.  Keep your important belongings like- car keys, purse, currency, credit cards, bills, water bottle etc at an easily accessible place in the morning so that you won’t have to worry anymore.
  4.  Prepare for the breakfast a night before, set all the grocery you need while making breakfast at one place so that when you enter the kitchen in the morning you do anise-aroma-art-277253not have to think.
  5. Clean your kitchen, run your dishwasher so that your clean kitchen will greet you with a smile in the morning.
  6. sort laundry put a load inside the washer so that you just have to push the start button in the morning.

Most Important-

Sleep at the right time-

You must sleep at right time to get enough sleep our body requires. If we get up early and didn’t get enough amount of sleep than we cannot concentrate on the thing we need to accomplish so sleep at the right time…

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