Importance of Rising Early

We all have heard “Early to bed early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise”. The saying describes the importance and benefits of waking up early. This rules also apply to women who wake up early.

We can achieve health, wealth and mental fitness in many ways if we rise early.

Here are my point of views on the benefit of getting up just an hour before our schedule-

Good Health- We all want to be fit and healthy. We want to give our family our best and for this, we have to take responsibility for our health. We have heard many times that ‘a healthy mind lives in a healthy body’ so a total fitness is important

-whether it’s our physical health or mental health.

Mental fitness- When we rise early, we have enough time to think, plan and execute our day, this stops the need to rush in the morning. We can start our day as we want it to be started and remain positive throughout.

According to research conducted by Texas University students who study in the morning score better marks. This means our brain concentrates better in a peaceful environment.

Physical fitness- morning breeze are fresh, less polluted. Breathing in the morning air gives strength to our lungs. Exercising in the morning hours makes our lungs even stronger as they absorb more oxygen. People who wake up early often go to bed early, so this ensures a better and sound sleep. Our body gets enough time to rest and heal.

Apart from good health If we get up early just an hour early we can accomplish many things like-

Plan our day- No need to forget important appointments, kids’ assignments, exercise etc. if we have a plan, we can execute it easily.

increase productivity

Healthy breakfast– we can treat ourselves with a healthy breakfast, we can make it ourselves, so do not have to indulge in fast food.

Meditate- we can spare time to meditate in the fresh air and peaceful environment.

Increase productivity- We can have more time to think for ourselves, more sunlight, we can plan work, outdoor activities etc., we can increase our overall productivity.

Researchers say that people who start their day early are always happy and positive so these are enough reasons to motivate us to get up early.





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