Tips To Maintain Mental Peace- After Effects of Corona Pandemic ( COVID 19)

We are all going through tough times.. mentally, emotionally, financially, and physically because of this COVID 19 pandemic. No vaccine, no medication is present to cure this problem and not only the disease but its side effects are more dangerous for our lives. Below are a few of my opinions, which I used to keep my mental stability. I lost my job as a hotel manager and faced financial crunches and dealt with depression. But I followed these steps told by my mental health coach. I am gradually coming out of the shock which we all felt.

  1. Be Positive- Try to imagine positive and Feel positive. It is very hard to do, but we have to keep our spirits high. Being positive and learning to keep ourselves in a high mindset will help us to survive in long run.
  2. Exercise– Sedimentary lifestyle has given us many bad habits. Sitting idle brings us ill health and depression. Exercise helps us dealing with depression and keeps us in shape.
  3. Yoga- Yoga is an Indian form of spiritual exercise. It works on our mind, body, and soul.
  4. Meditation- Meditation helps us digging deep into our mind and soul. It calms and relaxes our anxiety and strengthen our thought process.
  5. Gratitude- In the time of disparity, gratitude is something that reminds us of the good things and blessings we already have in our lives.
  6. Accept the realityBe it COVID-19 or any other problem in our life, we have to face everything and get up again and again. We have to convince ourselves that it is a harsh reality and we have to survive it.
  7. Check on your finances- Finance amidst the Corona pandemic is critical. People lost jobs and lost savings. There is little scope of reviving finances soon. So it is really really important for us to look back at our savings and review our expenses.
  8. Do a little budgeting– By digging deep into what we have in our hands and our sources of income, we must pick up a calculator, pen, and paper and find out where to cut expenses and where to invest more. By doing this we will have a clear idea of how much money is still in our hands and how much we have to work hard to meet our needs and invest in savings.
  9. Explore other sources of income- We must explore other sources of income. We all have suffered a lot due to a crash in the economy and lockdown. We should start searching Other sources of income like any converting our hobby into a business. Try work at home, Sell on Etsy, on Amazon, or own a shop in Shopify. There are many many fields we can try. I will soon post a separate blog post on this topic.
  10. Increase your expertise- try learning new skills during lock-down. We hope everything will be fine soon and when the world will start reinventing itself you will emerge as a new you.

So these are the basic important things we have to do whenever we feel low because of COVID 19 or during any other crisis no matter what the reason is. If we do simple math and have courage we will overcome all failures in our lives.

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